Water Rangers

Water Rangers believe that affordable equipment allow more people to deepen their understanding of water issues. We also believe that crowdsourcing water quality data through citizen science is the only way to help scientists fill in gaps to achieve sustainable water monitoring. Together with our online open-data platform, we can offer people the tools to protect our waters!


The kits were designed for both experienced and inexperienced water quality monitors thanks to generous support from Ottawa Wavemakers (Ocean Explorer) and Ontario150 (Freshwater Explorer). Regardless of background, we want to encourage more water lovers to become stewards of our waterways. We’re are proud of our water, and so we want to give more people the chance to learn about and protect this precious resource.


Anyone can learn how to test water using our testkits. It’s a great way to connect families and communities to water bodies they love. Kits are available in English and French.


Every water body has its own ‘normal’ and so we need to collect data to find out what that is. Scientists can’t collect enough data on their own, and as climate changes, they need data to track baselines. Want to know more about the ‘why’ behind citizen science? Here’s some of our ideas.

How do I test?

In your field guide (included in our kits) and online, we teach you how to test, what parameters mean and suggest protocols that create valuable data. We also occasionally offer in-person tutorials in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

What’s different about us?

We test all our equipment/tools to make sure your testing experience is easy, fun and accurate! Most equipment we’ve tried for water testing is expensive and not very easy to use.  We spend a lot of time finding just the right tools for you. We even compare our products to professional probes to with good results (see Carleton University study details here) and we continue to seek out partners for new studies.

For more about Water Rangers and our store see the pdf below:

About our store (pdf)

Water Rangers is a non-profit based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

You can visit our main homepage at waterrangers.ca

You can access our open data map platform at app.waterrangers.ca

For any questions, please email Water Rangers’ Executive Director, Kat Kavanagh at kat@waterrangers.ca