Water Rangers testkits

The kits were designed for both experienced and inexperienced water quality monitorers thanks to generous support from Ottawa Wavemakers (Ocean Explorer) and Ontario150 (Freshwater Explorer). Regardless of background, we want to encourage more water lovers to become stewards of our waterways. We’re are proud of our water, and so we want to give more people the chance to learn about and protect this precious resource.

We’ve tested our kits against professional probes with good results. Here’s a mini study done by Carleton University. This year, we will be extending our study with University of Alberta and University of Montreal.

About our store (pdf)

Want to know more about the ‘why’ behind citizen science? Here’s some of our ideas.

Water Rangers is a non-profit based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

You can visit our main homepage at waterrangers.ca

You can access our open data map platform at app.waterrangers.ca

For any questions, please email Water Rangers’ Executive Director, Kat Kavanagh at kat@waterrangers.ca