Borrowing Terms

Picking Up and Dropping Off Your Testkit

You are responsible for picking up and returning your testkit on time. If you need to change dates, please email right away.

Since we don’t have many kits, you will be asked to honour your return date. If you don’t return it on time, the next person will not be able to borrow it. You will be given an invoice for $5/day that your testkit is late.

If you lose your testkit or break a part of it, you will also be responsible for replacing it. The testkits cost between $250 and $350, so please treat them carefully! We are a small non-profit and are able to provide this lending system so long as everyone takes good care of the kits. Please email us immediately if an incident occurs, if your stock ran out, or if you find something broken/missing on when you pick up the kit.


Your Responsibility

By checking out this testkit, you’re agreeing that you will complete the online training on how to use the kit, read the Field Guide included in the kit, and do at least 1 observation and record it on the Water Rangers App.


At no point should you put yourself in harm’s way during water testing. Please always follow proper water safety precautions: wear a life jacket even when on shore, conduct testing with a friend, do not go out into storms, do not test on unstable banks or in water that is very swift. When in doubt, do not conduct the test. No test is worth your personal well-being!

There are risks inherent in using a testkit near water, and by agreeing to borrow this kit, you’re saying that you understand and accept responsibility for those risks.

Be careful with test equipment, especially the dissolved oxygen ampoules. There is a small piece of glass in your container, and you will be breaking the ampoule. Used ampoules can be thrown in the garbage. Be careful you do not cut yourself!


We cannot guarantee the accuracy of our kits, however we make every attempt to make sure they’re as accurate as possible. Equipment is tested regularly. Follow protocols listed in your field guide to maintain consistency. Please note: these tests do not determine if water is safe to drink or swim in. You need lab testing for that. Do not drink the water. Do not swim in the water if you’re at all concerned, for example if you’re near a sewer overflow, or if there’s been significant storm in the past 24-48 hours, do not swim.

Have Fun!

We make the tests simple, so most people can conduct them. All ages can conduct most tests, however when conducting the dissolved oxygen test, we recommend that you’re 10 years and older for it, since you’re breaking a glass ampoule.

Most importantly, share your experiences and record your observations on our website so we can share it with the world. We have found many people love inviting their families to participate, so we encourage you to make it a group experience! Tests are best done by 2 or more people.

Thanks so much for getting involved!