2019 *NEW* Freshwater Explorer Testkit



Introducing the new and improved testkit! We have created a custom-designed bag to make it even easier for first-time users (plus you don’t need an advanced degree to pack your kit up… we love how easy it makes the whole testing process). Other improvements include a better ‘reacher stick’, secchi rope that is a reel (rather than marked rope for easier measuring). Includes a magnet with this year’s official testing days, calibration solution for your conductivity meter, new pens, better test strips, plus container to hold your used strips. We are so excited about this new bag! As before, you can also customize them with your own logo.

Bulk discounts available. 5% off 5 or more.  10% off 10 or more.

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Our flagship kit, designed for freshwater. We designed this kit for people of all ages. No previous testing experience required. Our field guides and training videos include step-by-step directions on how to use the different tests, understand  the results, and record your observations in our free companion app. This kit is a great way for small organizations and individuals to gather data on their lakes and rivers, without breaking the bank.

Each kit contains…

This requires handling glass and chemicals, so suited to those who like to feel like real scientists. This kit has also been compared to professional probes by Carleton University with good results: Read the report.

*NOTE: This is unpacking the old testkit. New video coming soon!


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