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NOTE: We are in the process of redesigning this testkit. The new version will be launched in August for delivery by September 1. 

Testkit for youth.

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Targeted to youth aged 10+, this kit lets them explore the water and conduct tests. It has been tested with Grade 8 science class with great success! This kit has also been compared to professional probes by Carleton University with good results: Read the report.
Each kit contains…

Thermometer (air temperature)
Secchi disc (water clarity or depth)
2 packs of Test strips –  (pH, alkalinity, hardness)
Conductivity meter (conductivity, water temperature)
6 Sample containers
Freshwater Explorer field notepad
Waterproof phone case
30 Whirl pak bags
Extended field guide with activities for different age groups
CHEMets Dissolved Oxygen Kit
Plankton net and guide
30 stickers and 20 badges
Garbage bags for collecting trash
Reacher stick

Explore Excursion Add-on
We come and teach kids in a 90-minute excursion (up to 20 kids). They will learn how to conduct water quality tests, search for water bugs that tell us about water health, and clean up a shoreline. We will help you pick a good spot nearby. Each child will answer skill-testing questions to earn a badge and certificate. If you are further from Ottawa or Pembroke, please contact us to find out a price.

Please note, you are responsible for transportation to and from the water.

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Dimensions 24 × 35 × 25 cm

1 review for Freshwater Explorer for Kids

  1. Sophie, Aged 9

    My favourite part of the kit was the bit for testing for dissolved oxygen, because we can find out how much oxygen there is, and it’s fun because you have bottles to test it against and you can match up the colours. I also like that there were stickers, so you can get a sticker as a reward if you’ve done something great. There is a black and white disc that, if you put it into a lake, for example, if you keep putting the rope down, you can see how deep the lake is, and it’s exciting, because you never know how deep the lake is (unless you run out of rope!). There is a guide so you know what to do if you get stuck. I learned a lot!

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