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Our flagship kit, designed for freshwater. We designed this kit for people of all ages. No previous testing experience required. Our field guides and training videos include step-by-step directions on how to use the different tests, understand  the results, and record your observations in our free companion app. This kit is a great way for small organizations and individuals to gather data on their lakes and rivers, without breaking the bank.

Available in forest green or blue bag. You can also add your own custom design for an additional fee.

Bulk discounts available. 5% off 5 or more.  10% off 10 or more.

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This requires handling glass and chemicals, so suited to those who like to feel like real scientists. This kit has also been compared to professional probes by Carleton University with good results: Read the report.
Each kit contains…

Thermometer (air temperature)
Secchi disc (water clarity or depth)
Test strips  (pH, alkalinity, hardness)
Container to collect used test strips
Conductivity meter (conductivity, water temperature)
Conductivity meter calibration instructions + solution
Sample containers with lid
Testkit field notepad
Waterproof phone case
5 Whirl pak bags with 3 gloves
Field guide
CHEMets Dissolved Oxygen Kit 
5 Stickers and 3 badges
Reacher stick
Magnet reminder of this year’s testing dates


Additional information

Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 18 × 24 × 25 cm

5 reviews for Freshwater Explorer Testkit

  1. Melissa Dakers

    This test kit is amazing! It is easy to use and provided accurate data to be collected. The equipment included gives comparable results to expensive probes used by agencies. Not only are you able to sample local freshwater, you become part of the Water Rangers community, with incredible knowledge and support. My son and I highly recommend this kit.

  2. Guy MacLeod

    We are thrilled with the kit! It contains all the right pieces to get you into water testing and obtaining results that are consistent, reliable and repeatable. It allowed our Lake Association to do parallel and additional testing that parallels that done for years by the official authorities which ultimately provides better trend data regarding the health of our Lake. The kit comes with great documentation but there is an added bonus in having the Water Rangers Team there to support you & answer any questions you might have.

  3. Don & Heather Ross

    We found these kits to be very user friendly and it was a short learning curve to become fairly proficient with each of the tests . Working together we could do them all within about 5 mins from start to finish, then a few more mins to enter the stats online. It was so much fun gathering data on various bodies of water in our region and as we travelled to other areas while observing the variations from place to place and season to season. We learned so much from our first year using this equipment, and from the knowledgeable , friendly folks at Water Rangers. We can’t wait to get underway again in 2018 once the ice is gone. We would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get involved in Citizen Science without a big investment of money or time.

  4. E Crouchman

    You are going to love this kit! It’s like taking the lab to the shore. We used this kit with children between the ages of 3-16, and each one had a designated test to apply. Supervision and water safety were my only jobs; all of the tests were easily conducted by the kids after twice assisting to maximize their learning curves.

    There are several learning outcomes packed into this bag. Whether used in a formal curriculum for the classroom, at home for fun, or reconnecting to nature, you will find all of it thoughtfully packaged here.

    There are detailed instructions included that are easy to follow, and if you run into anything unusual, you have Water Rangers on tap for support. This kit, alongside their model for citizen engagement, made it easy for our children to get involved in something they care about: the health of their watershed.

    Enjoy the water!

  5. Julie Lachapelle

    This testkit is fantastic! Easy to use, even for those who have no experience with field testing. The field guide is extremely helpful and contains lots of information and clear instructions. My dad and I had a great time using this kit during the last testing season and can’t wait to get testing again next season. It’s a handy size as well, not too bulky so it doesn’t get in the way in the canoe and not too heavy to carry on the trails. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in citizen science!

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