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Test the ocean! When you go to the ocean, bring this kit. Comes with your choice of a refractometer or salinity meter.

Available in forest green or blue bag. You can also add your own custom logo for an additional fee.

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Good water quality is critical to the health of coral reefs and all the habitats in the ocean. We’re testing for some general health parameters, like temperature, salinity, pH, alkalinity, hardness, water clarity and depth. These give us an idea what conditions are like, and teach us that every region is different, through natural and unnatural conditions. For example, salinity and temperature affect water density! These tests, along with your observations on what you see, smell and hear, help give context to your environment and encourages participants to actually look around!
Each kit contains…

Thermometer (air temperature, water temperature)
Secchi disc (water clarity or depth)
Test strips  (pH, alkalinity, nitrate, nitrite)
Refractometer* (salinity)
Sample container
Ocean Explorer field notepad
Waterproof phone case
5 Whirl pak bags
Field guide
5 stickers and 3 badges
Reacher stick

*Refractometer: the equipment is easy to maintain and calibrate. If you would prefer, you can swap for a salinity meter, please email kat@waterrangers.ca. Readings for the meter are more precise. However, it will need regular calibrating, maintenance, and possible replacement due to damage from salt water.

Quick-start and Protocol Planning Guide

Additional information

Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 18 × 24 × 25 cm

1 review for Ocean Explorer Testkit

  1. Tabatha

    I love this handy test-set and it comes with me whenever I travel to the ocean. It is compact, and is fun and easy to use. Love sharing the kit (and my learning) with friends while at the beach.

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