Secchi Disk

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The Secchi disk is a simple device used to measure turbidity, which is essentially the water clarity.

Though high turbidity is often a sign of poor water quality and land management, crystal clear water does not always guarantee healthy water.  Extremely clear water can signify very acidic conditions or high levels of salinity.

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  • 20 cm diameter
  • Opposing black and white quarters
  • Calibrated line attached, marked every half meter in black, and full meter with a red tie



Turbidity is a measure of the ability of light to pass through water, essentially the measurement of the water’s murkiness. Measuring murkiness gives an estimate of suspended solids in the water. Turbidity measurements also take into account algae and plankton present in the water. Secchi discs’ ropes are marked at half metre and metre intervals. You measure how far you can lower the disc into the water until you can’t see it anymore. This is known as the secchi depth. If your disc touches the ground, but you can still see it, you can record ‘bottom visible’.



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