Stream Thermometer (Celsius)

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High quality, with a sleek metal case. Rated one of the top brands used by world class fisherman. Can be used for both air and water temperature readings. Reads in Celsius.

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Reads in Celsius
Designed with a protective metal case with a pocket clip and lanyard ring
Durable enough for stream, brook and river fly fishing.
Each thermometer is equipped with a small black carabiner 


Materials: Stainless Steel, Glass
Total Length: 13 cm / 5.3 inches
Diameter: 1.2 cm / 0.5 inches

Additional information

Weight .023 kg
Dimensions 13 × 1 × 1 cm

Celsius, Fahrenheit + Celsius

5 reviews for Stream Thermometer (Celsius)

  1. Kim Emde

    All thermometers are not created equal. This one is accurate and rugged, and comes with a very handy carabiner clip.

  2. Jenn Cuff

    This thermometer is easy to use, provided you have something to hang it on. Taking air temperature in a kayak can be challenging. I would hang it off the visor of my hat.
    A digital thermometer would provide greater accuracy.

  3. Greg Ellis

    Accurate and easy to use and easy to read. Great for many uses!

  4. Kathryn Lindsay

    A durable, rugged construction with carabiner clip. I only used for measuring air temperature as I used the conductivity meter for water temperature. Only precise to 0.5 deg given visual scale. A digital version would be more precise and closer to the precision of the conductivity meter. To measure I hung in the shade on a nearby bush or the Water Ranger kit bag when out in the open.

  5. S. Dubreuil

    The metal casing is super useful to protect against harm – no worries about damaging this unit. The clip is also very useful especially when using the thermometer out on the water in the kayak. Also liked the light weight which makes for great portability when we take only parts of the kit out with us hiking. Larger font and more gradations would be helpful.

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